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BIGFOOT FOUND: Nowhere to Hide

Forestry mulching is a wonderful way to clean your backyard, create more space, create trails, and much more; with no haul-away. We provide an incredible service to homeowners and landowners in our community who enjoy their land and outdoor areas but don’t want to mess with the mess!

Over the years, we have built many valuable relationships and developed a brand known in our community. Folks driving by our office call us when Bigfoot is not sitting in our window wondering when he will be back, their kids want to know!

Who we are and How we Started

My name is Ben Bartnikowski, I am the owner and founder of Bigfoot Forestry, LLC.  None of this would be possible without our wonderful team, our friends, new and old, and of course, our family.

As a little boy in Western Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, my grandfather would take me for walks in the woods looking for Bigfoot. We would laugh and have a good time as these became some of the most wonderful memories I have of my grandfather. Years later, once my family and I, moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina, and my daughter and son were young I did the same thing with them. At that time the TV show Finding Bigfoot was aired on television and I would find my daughter and son in the woods knocking on trees and calling for Bigfoot. We still laugh about this today.

Relationships to us, are most important. I personally came from a background in marketing which I had fun with for a long time. As seasons changed, so did the Corporate way of business. Everything became transactional and I was a relationship person. What I enjoyed most was going to see people and forming new friendships. With that being said, I left the corporate world to set forth on another new adventure.

I thought, what would be a better name for a company that is in the woods than Bigfoot Forestry? So we made a business out of looking for bigfoot, creating larger backyards, and managing land (making it harder for bigfoot to find places to hide), and our tagline was born: Bigfoot Forestry “Nowhere to Hide.”

Bigfoot Forestry Values



Our number one goal, first and foremost, is having respect for others and their time.  We take this statement very seriously as our customers are entrusting us with entering and managing their family’s property.



Our quality of work does not change with the size of the task.  Whether we are doing someone’s small backyard or working on a horse pasture in an open field, you get the same reliable and professional service from our staff from start to finish.



We value communication and transparency. As a team, we work together to take care of our customers, and each other, while having fun along the way.



Time and relationships are more important to us than anything. We are only here once and look forward to making as many new friends along the way as possible. We will be your new BFF!


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