Yard Clean-Up [Demolition]

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When life gets busy, your yard may take the back burner. At times like this, it may be best to enlist help for your debris removal so your yard can get back to its former glory. Yard waste doesn’t just look unsightly — it can cause your lawn to die, which can be a costly and frustrating process to fix. Luckily, Bigfoot Forestry can take care of your shed demolition and removal so your lawn continues to thrive and your property looks its best. We offer yard clean-up services for homes throughout North and South Carolina, and we’re happy to provide a free on-site quote before you make a commitment.

Yard Clean Up: It’s What We Do

Yard clean-up is more than lawn maintenance; it’s a project-based service that transforms your landscape. We use heavy equipment to clear out debris, tree stumps, and other obstacles from your property so your yard looks clean and your grass can grow thick and lush. Yard clean-up services include:

  • Shed removal
  • Demolition
  • Yard waste removal
  • Rock, brush, soil, and debris removal
  • Hardscape demolition and removal
  • Stump removal


Landscaping companies may prune and trim, but we work on a much larger scale. Our demolition experts bring excavation equipment to your property that can handle the removal of structures, stumps, and any other debris that may be keeping your yard from looking its best. 

The Advantages of Professional Yard Clean-Up [Demolition]

Your yard is your responsibility — and sometimes it needs a little more than TLC. A professional debris removal service can ensure that it stays healthy, growing, and thriving year-round. If your yard has been neglected and you’ve allowed weeds and debris to accumulate, then a brush removal service will likely impact your property’s curb appeal. This translates to a higher property value when it comes time to sell. Whether you’re looking for debris or shed removal services, a professional demolition team like the ones at Bigfoot Forestry can effectively clear the area and haul it away. 

Aside from aesthetics, yard clean-up is essential to promoting healthy soil conditions so grass can grow and small critters have places to survive. Too many weeds and dilapidated structures keep your yard from looking its best. Taking back your land means you get more usable space!

Yard clean-up services are essential when:

  • You are prepping to put your house on the market
  • You own a vacation rental that needs to stay bug-free
  • You’re planning a neighborhood party and want your property to look its best


No matter the occasion, your yard is just a clean-up service away from looking fabulous. 

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Services We Offer

At Bigfoot Forestry, we’re committed to helping homeowners regain their properties by keeping Bigfoot at bay. Some of the debris removal services we offer include:

  • Shed demolition and removal
  • Playground demolition
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Hardscape removal
  • Brush and debris removal

Shed removal requires heavy equipment, so we bring out the heavy lifters when we go into demolition mode. Our excavating equipment can easily tackle any obstruction, and we’ll ensure it’s removed from the property with efficiency and safety in mind. 


Make Way for a Beautiful Landscape: Let Bigfoot Forestry Handle your Yard Clean-Up 

Cleaning up your yard may be too big of a job to tackle alone. That’s where we come in. Our demolition team at Bigfoot Forestry lives for these types of projects, and we’re happy to make your yard beautiful, safe, and usable again. If you’re interested in learning more about our yard clean-up services, fill out an online form today or call our office. Together, we can stick to our mission: “Bigfoot: Nowhere to Hide.”

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