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Unique Home Services Franchise Opportunity

Get your (Big)Foot in the door of the Multi-Billion Dollar Home Services Industry. The home & commercial services industry is a booming sector for franchising. Its inherent stability and resilience leaves it largely unaffected by economic fluctuations. Regardless of economic conditions, property owners consistently require services to maintain their properties. Forestry mulching and yard clean up are right up there at the top of that list!

The Bigfoot Forestry franchise model also benefits from relatively low overhead costs and minimal inventory requirements. Franchisees can operate from home or small office spaces, reducing the need for expensive commercial real estate. We also offer scalable opportunities, allowing franchisees to grow their operations gradually as they build their customer base and reputation within their local communities. This combination of stability, flexibility, and scalability makes Bigfoot Forestry an appealing choice for entrepreneurs looking to enter the franchising world and establish a profitable, long-term business.

Learn What Makes Us Tick

Our Mission is to provide reliable and professional services to our communities, support our franchisees to live lives of freedom and independence, and have fun.



Our number one goal, first and foremost, is having respect for others and their time.  We take this statement very seriously as our customers are entrusting us with entering and managing their family’s property.



Our quality of work does not change with the size of the task.  Whether we are doing someone’s small backyard or working on a horse pasture in an open field, you get the same reliable and professional service from our staff from start to finish.



We value communication and transparency. As a team, we work together to take care of our customers, and each other, while having fun along the way.



Time and relationships are more important to us than anything. We are only here once and look forward to making as many new friends along the way as possible. We will be your new BFF!

Our Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate to become a Bigfoot Forestry franchisee is an individual who possesses strong leadership and management skills. They should have the ability to oversee a team of professionals and efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of their franchise. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are also essential, as they will need to build relationships with clients, partners, and local communities.

Moreover, this candidate should have a genuine enjoyment for working outdoors, a willingness to get their hands dirty, and a passion for the forestry industry’s hands-on aspects. They should aspire to be well-known and highly reputed in their community, as Bigfoot Forestry franchisees play a vital role in fostering strong ties within their local area. Finally, a strong work ethic, dedication to the success of their franchise, and a willingness to embrace Bigfoot Forestry’s values make the ideal candidate a true ambassador for the brand.







(including franchise fee)

$209,556 to $265,201










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Your Road Map to Finding Bigfoot

Purchasing a Bigfoot Forestry franchise involves several key steps to ensure you make an informed decision and set up your franchise for success. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Initial Research: Begin by researching Bigfoot Forestry online to gain a solid understanding of their business model, values, and franchise offerings. Evaluate your personal and financial readiness to become a franchisee, including assessing your budget and financing options.

Introductory Call: Request an introductory call with Bigfoot Forestry to express your interest and review more detailed information about franchise opportunities and available territories.

Submit Application: Complete and submit a formal franchise application to Bigfoot Forestry, including any required documentation and fees.

Receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): Bigfoot Forestry will provide you with their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which contains vital information about the franchise, including the franchise agreement, costs, support, and the obligations of both parties.

Meet the Founder: Schedule a call with the Bigfoot Executive Team and a location operator of Bigfoot Forestry. 

Secure Financing: If you require financing, secure the necessary funding through banks, lenders, or other financial institutions.

Approval and Signing Franchise Agreement: Once your application is approved, you’ll receive the franchise agreement. Carefully review this document with legal counsel, then sign and return it to Bigfoot Forestry.

Start the Process to be a Bigfoot Franchisee

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Fast-Growing Home-Service Franchise Opportunities

Bigfoot Forestry, LLC is pleased to have been featured as a TOP BRAND OF 2022 in the December issue of Franchise Journal.
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