Land Clearing

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Land clearing is often the first step in starting a new project. Large equipment is brought to the site so that rocks, overgrown plants, trees, and old landscaping can be removed above below ground so the area is ready for work to begin. Our professionals at Bigfoot Forestry offer land clearing services to residential and commercial customers throughout North and South Carolina.

Land Clearing: Why is it Important?

A professional eye and the right tools can ensure that your lot is cleared without disrupting the stability of your soil. Land clearing is especially important for sites that have been overgrown or have been chosen for a new construction project. In order to reclaim your land and create a blank canvas for your project, it’s essential to clear the land from debris like trees, roots, rocks, and other overgrown vegetation. That way, the ground is fully prepared for whatever project is set to begin.

The Benefits of Land Clearing

Lot clearing services are highly advantageous for the look and overall health of your property. Not only does it increase the usability of your land, but land clearing also makes it look better, which increases your property’s value. Overgrowth is also very bad for the soil and vegetation on your property. It encourages diseases, pests and increases the likelihood of fire. 

By clearing your land, you promote the healthy growth of trees and plants on your property. This is because the remaining plants are less crowded and don’t have to compete for nutrients or sunlight. Overgrowth of vegetation can also lead to soil erosion, so clearing the area can help redistribute the soil so it remains healthy.

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The Process of Land Clearing


Clearing land is a detailed process, and there are several steps that our professionals take to ensure that it’s done safely and efficiently. Here’s what you can expect when you hire a professional contractor like Bigfoot Forestry to clear your land:

  • You and your contractor will conduct a walk-through of the property. This will allow your contractor to get an idea of the project size and price to calculate an estimate for the job.
  • Your land clearing company will make sure all the right permits are in place and that your worksite is zoned for land clearing. This all needs to be done before the land clearing process begins.
  • Once the paperwork is in place, the professional land clearing team will begin to remove debris from your property. There are a lot of variables that affect the time it takes to complete the entire process. Some of them include the current temperature outside, the size of your lot, and the type of vegetation that’s being removed.


At Bigfoot Forestry, we take several safety measures to ensure that our environmental footprint is as small as possible. Our end goal is to make your land healthier and more usable while protecting the environment simultaneously.

From Brush to Stumps: Bigfoot Forestry Clears it All with Precision and Care


No matter what kind of debris you’ve got on your property, our equipment can clear it effectively, efficiently, and safely. We offer lot clearing services for homeowners and businesses throughout North and South Carolina. We make it our mission to clear your space so you can use every square inch of your property. If you’d like to reclaim your overgrown land or you’d like to create a blank slate for your next construction project, our team has the tools and expertise to get it done. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to receive a free estimate.

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