Geological Test Trail Clearing

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Commercial Land clearing is a big job if you don’t have the right equipment. Even if you’ve got the equipment to clear land successfully, you’ll be left with an enormous mess of weeds, stumps, rocks, and other debris that needs to be hauled away. Bigfoot Forestry provides an efficient and effective commercial land clearing service that has the heavy equipment needed to remove trees, shrubs, and other vegetation from your property. This comes in handy if you’re prepping your land for a geological test. In order for them to do their jobs, you’ll need to make sure that the testers have access to the area. That’s where we come in!

Why Geological Test Clearing is Important

Geological testing plays a crucial role in the initial stages of constructing a new home or any other structure. It is imperative for companies to ensure that the soil’s physical properties are suitable for providing the necessary stability required to support the structure. In order to facilitate this testing process, it becomes essential to partner with a trusted land clearing company like Bigfoot Forestry.

By engaging our services to clear a geological test trail, companies can guarantee that the testers will have easy access to their build site. This allows the testers to arrive promptly and immediately commence their work without any hindrances or delays. The efficient accessibility provided by the cleared trail ensures that the testing process can be conducted swiftly and effectively.

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The Process of Geological Test Trail Clearing

A land clearing service uses heavy equipment to quickly clear a trail and provide a clean area for the geological testers to access your land. Geological testers use a variety of tools to take soil samples and check the underlying bedrock. Hand tools are perfect for taking samples, but much larger tools are required to get to the bedrock that’s seven to ten feet below ground.

Like any other land clearing job, our experts at Bigfoot Forestry will begin by clearing small debris and brush from the road to your testing site. Once small objects are removed, we focus our efforts on bigger obstacles like tree stumps and large boulders, which are no match for our heavy equipment.

The end result of our efforts will be a clear, wide path that leads from the access road directly to the testing site so the geological testers can safely transport equipment.

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Why Should You Choose Bigfoot Forestry?


Not all land clearing companies are created equally. When you pick Bigfoot Forestry, you’re choosing a locally owned business that’s dedicated to building strong customer relationships and providing the best service around. Clearing land can be an enormous undertaking, and we’re proud to tackle each project with professionalism and expertise. Even more, we’re committed to our tagline: “Bigfoot Forestry: Nowhere to Hide.”

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