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Bigfoot Forestry – Myrtle Becah serves the entire South Carolina Coastal region, from the state line down to Edisto Island. We offer professional and friendly service to help homeowners and landowners get the most use out of their outdoor space. We provide dependable service with top-of-the-line equipment to tackle the toughest jobs. We have fun and get it done!

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Now Serving the South Carolina Coastal Region

Bigfoot Forestry– Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach and the entire South Carolina Coastal Region including:

  • Charleston,SC
  • Georgetown, SC
  • Conway,SC
  • Loris, SC
  • Manning, SC
  • Moncks Corner, SC
  • Kingstree, SC
  • & More

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Forestry Mulching & Brush Removal

Here in the Carolinas, forests love to grow. Ask us how we know! When the trees start spreading and taking over your outdoor space they have got to go! Our versatile equipment can get in an make short work of even the densest overgrown area. We cut it, mulch it, clear it out of your way, oftentimes in just a day. We handle brush removal and mulching start to finish.

Stump Grinding

Oh yeah, stumps can be stubborn, but they are no match for our new grinder here at Bigfoot Forestry – Myrtle Beach. It’s a thing of beauty and destruction; beautiful destruction that ensures no one will ever trip over or stub their toe on that stump again. Preparing you to have smooth and beautiful level yard.

Land Clearing

Whether you are installing a playground for the kids, prepping for pavers and a fire pit in the backyard or making room for a 20-story highrise, it all starts with a cleared piece of land. Call Bigfoot Forestry today for a quick and easy quote to get your land ready for its next adventure.


Oh boy, can we dig. It takes us back to burying our brothers on the beach when we were kids… sometimes it’s best to start with a really big hole. If you need excavation for a new foundation, a pool, or any other kind of project in the South Carolina Coastal area, Bigfoot Forestry can help.

Geological Test Trail Clearing

If you are preparing for a Geological Test, you will need to clear a trail for the testers to access the area of interest. This is a pretty specific request, but it is one of the things we do best. We can clear an access path in no time flat. Call and speak to a Bigfoot representative for more details.

Demolition & Yard Clean-up

The Bigfoot Forestry crew loves to go into “Destroyer Mode!” There is something about revving the engine and plowing through a pile of mess that just brings joy to our hearts! And the way we clear the mess and make it neat and tidy will bring joy to yours. If you need demo work done, call us to let us have our fun!

Commercial Jobs

At Bigfoot Forestry, we have the equipment and expertise to cover any commercial job you send our way. From archaeological digs to EPA site work, we’re here to ensure that every project is a success every time. We’re a community excavator contractor that provides commercial forestry services to businesses. When you need land cleared, prepared, or graded, call the pros at Bigfoot Forestry.

Why Choose Bigfoot Forestry for Forestry & Land Clearing Services in South Carolina?

Bigfoot Forestry has been providing Land Clearing and Brush Removal services for 7+ years. Our clients call us for unique land prep projects and recurring land maintenance, and we always leave them smiling.

We have fun & we get it done!



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Your Local  Bigfoot Forestry is owned and operated by Ben Bartnikowski, a long-time South Carolina resident and entrepreneur. Ben and his team have been in operation since 2020 serving homeowners and landowners throughout the Carolinas.

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