Commercial Jobs

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When life gets busy, your yard may take the back burner. At times like this, it may be best to enlist help for your debris removal so your yard can get back to its former glory. Yard waste doesn’t just look unsightly — it can cause your lawn to die, which can be a costly and frustrating process to fix. Luckily, Bigfoot Forestry can take care of your shed demolition and removal so your lawn continues to thrive and your property looks its best. We offer yard clean-up services for homes throughout North and South Carolina, and we’re happy to provide a free on-site quote before you make a commitment.

Commercial Jobs

At Bigfoot Forestry, we have the equipment and expertise to cover any commercial job you send our way. From archaeological digs to EPA site work, we’re here to ensure that every project is a success every time. We’re a community excavator contractor that provides commercial forestry services to businesses. When you need land cleared, prepared, or graded, call the pros at Bigfoot Forestry.

Archaeological Assistance and Excavation

Our crews use heavy equipment to assist in archaeological digs. We use precision and care so that the site is left intact and all remains are retrieved successfully. Our commercial forestry service collaborates with the archaeological team to ensure that the project runs smoothly, safely, and with the utmost respect for the process.

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Geological Assistance

When geological work is being completed, professionals hire our crews to move debris, brush, and heavy rocks from the work site. That way, the area is cleared out and ready to be surveyed. Our equipment makes it easy to move large rocks, tree stumps, and other stubborn debris from areas that have become overgrown and wild. Trust our forestry service to clear the area quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Home Site Work

Before a mobile home can be delivered to the site, it must be cleared of rocks, trees, bushes, and debris. That’s where we come in. Our crews can quickly clear the area so the ground is prepped and ready. Each commercial job is done with efficiency in mind, and we’ll ensure that when we’re done, you have a blank canvas for placing each mobile home.

Site Preparation

When a construction project is planned, the site must be cleared and prepared. We’ll remove the debris so you can start building your structure on time. We take each commercial forestry job seriously, ensuring that the land is cleared, the site is graded, and the soil has been compacted seamlessly. Once we’re finished, your site will be ready for construction to begin.

Final Grade

After the land has been cleared, it’s time for the final grading process to begin. Our crews at Bigfoot Forestry use specialized equipment to smooth the land and compact it perfectly so it’s ready for construction. Once we’re finished, the construction teams can start building on our prepared area.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Site Assistance

The EPA is trusted with testing and providing information about protecting our environment and ensuring that humans are safe. When they hire our crews for a commercial job, we provide land clearing services so they’ve got easy access to the soil below. That way, the EPA can test the soil, check for signs of erosion or health concerns, and provide helpful solutions. We’re happy to do our part in protecting the environment.

DOT, State, County, City Clearing

We work closely with local, county, and state crews to perform commercial forestry jobs. Whether you need land cleared for a construction site, soil graded for a new road, or stumps and boulders removed for a sidewalk, you can count on Bigfoot Forestry.

Bigfoot Forestry: Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Ventures

At Bigfoot Forestry, we stand by our motto, “Nowhere to Hide.” We’re committed to providing commercial forestry services to businesses to keep properties clean and future construction sites prepped. When you need land cleared, prepared, or graded, call the pros at Bigfoot Forestry. Feel free to contact us by filling out an online form, and we’ll be happy to provide an onsite free quote. Contact us today to get started on your next commercial land project.



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