Land Clearing Services in Wilmington, NC

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Every new lot project must start with land-clearing services. Land clearing makes it possible to build a new house, landscape a new outdoor space, or lay the foundation for a new business. Residential landscaping is essential to growing our community, while land clearing for outdoor spaces allows us to make new parks, entertainment, agricultural, or sporting venues to be enjoyed by everyone. If you need land clearing in Wilmington, NC, Bigfoot Forestry can offer assurance that it will be done swiftly yet ecologically to create a welcoming new space for new construction and outdoor projects.

What is Involved with Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is not just scraping away trees and rocks. It is a careful process of preparing land for new projects. Land clearing begins by removing trees, scrub, and plants, including complex root structures. From there, we will remove large and small rocks and other obstacles from the area. Finally, your land-clearing service will conduct basic grading to level the ground in preparation for landscaping or development.

When you hire land-clearing services, you can rest assured that the property will be clear and stable for constructing any new space that needs level ground.

What is the Difference Between Land Clearing and Deforestation?

Land clearing encompasses a broader range of services than deforestation, which is limited to destroying and removing trees and other plant life. With land clearing, companies can exercise greater precision by selectively leaving trees intact while preparing a lot for development or other purposes. 

In contrast, deforestation lacks this precision and does not typically offer the same range of processing options as timber reclamation, which involves salvaging and repurposing wood from cleared forests. As a result, companies specializing in land clearing may be better equipped to offer a wider variety of services than those focusing solely on deforestation.

In other words, land clearing can include deforestation but also alters the land for stability and grading in preparation for development like new construction projects, new pavement, or a highly landscaped outdoor space.

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Contact the Pros for Land Clearing Services in North Carolina

If you are preparing to build on a new lot in Wilmington, NC, Bigfoot Forestry is ready to ensure your land is ready with professional land-clearing services. Allow us to remove and reclaim timber on the land, extract roots, safely relocate any animals, and remove any debris or large rocks. We will then prepare your lot for stability and provide development-ready grading so that the next step in your construction project is a breeze.

Contact us today to schedule an initial on-site land-clearing consultation, and we will gladly prepare a quote based on the location, size, and features of the land that you need cleared. Let us know what you are preparing for, and we will do everything we can to ensure the ground is ready for your project to begin.

What to Expect with Land Clearing Services

Land clearing in Wilmington, NC, will be conducted with a predictable process based on the land and your future project. Your land clearing may include the following:

  • Tree and plant life removal with lumber reclamation
  • Hauling away large rocks and obstructions
  • Safe removal of animal burrows
  • Safe demolition of unwanted structures
  • Removal of junk and debris
  • Asphalt and concrete removal
  • Clearing surface soil
  • Leveling, stabilization, and basic grading to create a sound platform

Most Common Projects that Require Land Clearing

What can you do with land-clearing services? Almost all new construction projects and many landscaped spaces begin with land clearing to prepare the lot for development. The most common projects that begin with land clearing include:

  • Residential construction
  • Business Construction
  • Parking lots
  • Parks and sporting fields
  • School construction
  • Neighborhood development
  • New roads and driveways
  • Outdoor venue preparation

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